Meta Grips Sponsorship Program

Hello from Meta Grips!

Thank you for checking out our page to find out more about our Sponsorship Program. We are looking for a wide variety of gamers and streamers from around the world to join the Meta Grips team. Everyone is welcome to apply!

You may have already discovered that one of our many core values is to support individuals, alongside this, we will always be transparent and eco-friendly.

We support our Partners with;

- Marketing resources

- Partner support and gratitude in the form a link to your gaming organization or stream on our Partner page with a link to your gaming organization or stream website

- Social Media Shout-outs!

- Unique discount code for you to give out to friends, family, viewers, or community to earn you commission

- Generous 10% commission

-Special 50% off discount for you as a sponsored gamer of Meta Grips

To continue with your registration, fill out the following questions and email it back to us ( With the subject Partner Program Submission

Full Name:

Your Gaming Social Media Handle(s):

Your Streaming Platform and Handle (If you have one):
- Current Follower Count
- Average Viewer Count:


Location [I.E California]:

Why Do You Think You Would Make a Good Partner For Meta Grips?

You are not required to make a purchase to join as a Meta Grips Partner. However, it can be extremely beneficial to be using Meta Grips while promoting your discount code, so friends/family/viewers can see the quality of our range.

If selected, we will email you to ask what custom 10% discount code you would like. You will use this code to give out to your friends, family, viewers, or community; we will be using this code for tracking purposes.

Payout Structure
Every $50.00 in sales, a payout will be triggered for your account and you will receive $50.00 via Venmo or CashApp

Featured Image
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